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In Australia, writing an Islamic Will can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive. You visit several lawyers, go through several revisions, and it's a hassle to make any updates. 

At Wasiyyah, we make this process easy for you by doing all the tedious work.

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Offer ends 31 Dec 2018. Limited to 300 Wills only.

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What is included in your Islamic will?

The wills we prepare are designed to ensure you can meet your Islamic duties and obligations in a legal system that is based on secular laws.

Accordingly, our wills make provision for:

  • your funeral and burial to be in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah;
  • payment of your outstanding debts before distribution to your heirs;
  • the guardianship of your children;
  • the opportunity to leave a portion of your assets towards a Sadaqa Jarriyah charity/project;
  • the distribution of the remainder of your assets in accordance with the rules set out in the Qur’an.

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Written by Australian Legal Practitioners and Islamic Scholars, rest assured your Islamic Will is compliant and legally enforceable in Australia. 

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This is what others say

Alen |39

"Lawyers are very expensive. I was surprised when Wasiyyah provided a professional service and did not charge extra for every minor edit. On top of that, they use profits for beneficial community activities!"

Theresa | 25

"I'm a revert and I wasn't born in Australia. Neither mine nor my husband's families are Muslim. I was trying to make sure they don't bury me as a Christian and do not take my kids. I knew I needed a will but it was so confusing and complicated to try and reconcile my new religion with a foreign legal system. Alhamdulillah, Wasiyyah gave me a clear and reliable structure to accomplish this."

Saadia |33

"I used to procrastinate the writing of my Islamic Will because I thought it was really complicated. However, my favourite thing about Wasiyyah is how easy it is. All I had to do was answer a few simple questions online and I received a comprehensive Islamic Will prepared by an Australian Lawyer. I wish other services were this easy!"

Wasiyyah is a service dedicated to helping Muslims who live in countries where Islamic law is not recognised to prepare for their death by leaving a Will that is most pleasing to the Almighty.


All our wills are legally enforceable in Australia and are designed by a team of Islamic Scholars along with Muslim legal practitioners in Australia


Wasiyyah is a not-for-profit service. All proceeds go towards supporting activities benefiting the Muslim community such as Tanzeel Quran program (here) and Fitra community school (here).

About Wasiyyah

Get 50% off your Islamic Will today

Offer ends 31 Dec 2018. Limited to 300 Wills only.